• Creative work, art and craft, including painting, crayons, sticking, cutting ...
  • Sand and water play outdoors (weather dependant)
  • Construction toys e.g. building blocks
  • Jigsaw puzzles, shape sorting puzzles;
  • Book corners are found both ends of the play areas
  • Physical play both indoors and outdoors; bikes, trikes, slides and climbing equipment for outdoor play;
  • Opportunities to develop writing, or mark making skills appropriate to the age of the child
  • Role play and imaginative play, including resources such as dolls, small world figures, animals and plenty of pretend play equipment;
  • Counting and measuring activities;
  • Threading, sorting and shape activities;
  • Educational computer games and programmes;
  • Music and movement, playing musical instruments, dancing and singing;
  • Cooking and baking - children make biscuits, cakes or simple meals such as pizza which they either take home or may be served for their tea in the nursery;
  • Modelling with play dough. 

Learning and Development

Children have access to all the toys and equipment, encouraging them to select the activity they want to do themselves with support and guidance from us when they need it. Children are encouraged to put away and help tidy when they have finished their activity. We encourage independence and but assist when needed. Play is essential for children to allow them to build their confidence, learn to explore, solve problems and relate to others around them.  

During their time with us children may be involved in crafts such as cutting and sticking, painting and playing with dough. Adult-led activities such as cooking and crafts relating to any events during the year such as Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year etc.

Children are allowed free play to use toys and equipment that will stimulate their imagination and help them learn new skills and develop them.

Part of the day is set aside for physical play outdoors, even if the weather is a little wet, we will wrap the children up and still have fun! We will also encourage dancing and physical games indoors if the weather is too bad.    

There are seven areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage, we use activities and experiences for the children to learn and develop within in these areas. We consider the individual needs, interests and stage of development of each child in our care, planning a challenging and enjoyable experience for each child, while they are with us. 


When possible we like to take the children out and about whether for walks, local park, play groups or the library. We also like to arrange trips to the farm, museums or other places of interest, though these are usually arranged in the school holidays.