We have a range of toys and equipment to suit children of all ages, needs and stages of development; these include jigsaws, building blocks, cars, animals, dolls house, castle, musical instruments… the list goes on! We allow children to join in painting and craft activities, baking, play dough and role playing dressing up.

We cater for babies needs with bouncers, play mats and other suitable toys for non-walkers.

We have chairs and tables suitable for children of all ages, to allow them to join in activities and for meal times.

We have a book/quiet area and multiple areas/playrooms spread out on the ground floor, which allows the children to play safely and in their own space. We make use of a separate room to use for sleeping, with cots or sofas for chilling out on. We have a sensory room on the premises which can be used by all age groups.

For children over 8 yrs we have areas for them to “hang out” separate from the younger ones if they wish. Tables and chairs for homework and use of a television for educational programmes or games. 


We have a large fenced garden, with a grassed area, bark area and area of artificial grass for the younger ones to play. Sand and water trays are made available, a selection of bikes, play houses, plus play equipment to suit all ages and a trampoline. We encourage the children to join in additional activities relating to the weather e.g. a paddling pool for warmer days.

We are looking to use part of the garden for the children to grow plants and vegetables, giving them the opportunity to learn about gardening, growing and working together but this is a working progress more for next year.